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  • Lighting
    This is a stunning but time consuming piece to make. Each hole is painstakingly cut out by hand to create the coral like fuselage then the piece is polished before it is then chrome plated. This mirror finish reflects the light and its surroundings. This lamp has real wow factor and stands abou..
  • Tree Wall Light
    Low Voltage Tree Wall Light in pewter and forged steel. The dramatic Tree Wall Light is made using the same methods as the Candle Tree Sculpture and is given the effect of dripped wax with cast pewter. The sconce is fixed into position with two strong forged spikes, which are situated at the ba..
  • Tree Wall Sconce
    Forged Steel with Beeswax Finish Height: 107cm / 42" Width: 46cm / 18" Depth: 30cm / 12" all dimensions approx Artist's Statement The dramatic Tree Wall Sconce is made using the same methods as the Candletree sculpture and is also designed to drip. As the candles melt they create icicles of ..