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Tree Wall Sconce

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Tree Wall Sconce

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Tree Wall Sconce

Forged Steel with Beeswax Finish

Height: 107cm / 42"
Width: 46cm / 18"
Depth: 30cm / 12"

all dimensions approx

Artist's Statement

The dramatic Tree Wall Sconce is made using the same methods as the Candletree sculpture and is also designed to drip. As the candles melt they create icicles of wax, constantly shifting and changing in shape. The plate is positioned below the candles to catch falling candle wax and is easily removed for cleaning. The sconce is fixed into position with two strong forged spikes which are situated at the back of the major branch section, hence there are no visible attachments, making the branch seem as if it is naturally growing out of the wall. When the candles are lit, the motion of the flickering flames create shadows of dancing branches on the wall.

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