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Metal Garden Flowers and leaves

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  • Garden Happy Flowers
    Brighten up a Winter Garden and reflect the Summer Sun.... Happy Flowers are made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel and so will be bright and shiny in your garden always! Dimensions: Height- 1m 25cm                 &n..
  • Metal flower poppy in stainless steel
    Metal garden poppy flower in heated stainless steel which contains a myriad of stunning colours - pinks, blues, coppers and golds. Looks equally attractive singly or as a group bringing colour to a winter garden and blending with the hues of your flowers in the summertime. A new design for this year..
  • Oak Leaf-  Christmas decoration, mobile and bird scarer in heate
    The Oak Leaf in heated stainless steel contains a myriad of colours- pinks, golds, coppers blues and greens. It is perfect for all seasons- embellishing a home as a decoration at Christmas, they reflect the light and the colours are highlighted hanging from the trees and birdfeeders in the garden in..